St Joseph’s Primary Mungindi School provides a range of food items in our canteen. These sandwiches, salads, hot foods, snacks, drinks and frozen treats are available for either of the breaks at St Joseph’s School. View our canteen menu and prices, and review our instructions for canteen orders.

Please Note:

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(Select Carefully)
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Caesar Salad – $10.00

Chicken & Cranberry Toasted Turkish- $14.50
Croissant Ham & Cheese – $7.50
Ham & Cheese Toasted Turkish – $8.50
Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toasted Turkish – $9.00
Slow Cooked Lamb Toasted Turkish – $14.50
Hot FoodChicken Nugget (8pce)- $4.00
Meat Pie – $4.00
Sausage Roll – $4.00
Ham & Cheese Pizza Single – $3.00
Macaroni Cheese – $3.50
Pasta Bolognese – $3.50
Tomato Sauce – $0.50
SnacksPopcorn $1.00Chips – $2.00
(Original, Chicken, Salt & Vinegar or Honey Soy)
DrinksJust Juice Popper – $2.00
(Apple or Tropical)
Chocolate Milk Popper – $3.00
Strawberry Milk Popper – $3.00
Plain Milk Popper – $1.50
Frozen TreatsZooper Dooper – $0.50Frozen Yoghurt (Strawberry) – $2.50
Ice Cream Cup (Vanilla) – $2.00

All orders are placed online through the Compass app – Canteen.

1st Break starts at 11.15am to 11.50am (this is the longer break)

2nd Break starts at 1.35pm to 1.50pm. (this is a shorter break)

Please ensure when making your selection you select the correct break time.

  • St Joseph’s Canteen will operate every Wednesday, parents please place student orders online before the cut off time of 8:45am Wednesday mornings.
  • Our School canteen can only operate if there are enough parent volunteers. If you are available to help out we ask that you please contact the school office.