St Joseph’s Primary Mungindi School provides a range of food items in our canteen. These sandwiches, salads, hot foods, snacks, drinks and frozen treats are available for either of the breaks at St Joseph’s School. View our canteen menu and prices, and review our instructions for canteen orders.

(Best Choice)  
(Select Carefully)
SandwichesChicken – $2.50
Chicken, L/ Fat Cheese – $3.00
Ham, L/F Cheese & Tomato – $3.00
Chicken, L/F Cheese & Tomato – $3.00
Ham & Salad – $4.00
Chicken & Salad – $4.00
Vegemite – $2.00
Vegemite & L/Fat Cheese – $2.00
Ham – $2.50
Ham & L/ Fat Cheese – $3.00
Chicken, Lettuce & Mayo Wrap – $3.50
Chicken & Salad Wrap – $5.00
(Chicken, Mayo, Cucumber, Carrot, Tomato & Lettuce)
SaladsHam Salad Box – $5.00
Chicken Salad Box – $5.00
(Ham or Chicken with L/F Cheese Slice, Cucumber, Carrot, Cherry Tomato & Lettuce)
Hot FoodChicken Nugget – $0.50
Light Mini Pie – $1.00
Chicken Wing – $1.00
Sausage Roll – $2.00
Cheese & Bacon Pizza – $2.00
Macaroni Cheese – $3.00
Tomato Sauce – $0.25
SnacksBanana – $1.50
Apple Slinky $2.00
Popcorn $1.00
Parent Donation $1.00
Chips – $1.50
(Sea Salt or Honey Soy)
DrinksBottled water – $2.00
Just Juice Popper – $2.00
(Apple or Tropical)
Reduced Fat Plain Milk Popper – $2.00
Reduced Fat Flavoured Milk – $2.00
(Chocolate & Strawberry)
Frozen TreatsQuelch Fruit Stick (Ice Tube) – $0.50
Milky Bites – $1.00
Frozen Pineapple Ring – $0.50
Frozen Yoghurt (Strawberry) – $2.00
Ice Cream Cup (Vanilla) – $2.00

Please Note:

All orders are to be written on 2 brown paper bags, 1 for 1st Break which is at 11.15am (this is the longer break) and 1 for 2nd Break which is at 1.35pm. Please label bags as 1st & 2nd break this will save any confusion with orders.

Canteen Bag Example:

Childs Name: ________________
Class: ______
1st Break

3 Mini Pies                                $3.00
1 Parent Donation                    $1.00

Money Enclosed                       $5.00
Change to be given                  $1.00

  • Correct money makes things much easier for tuckshop volunteers, if change is required please tally orders and indicate amount of change required.
  • St Joseph’s Canteen will operate every Friday, children place their orders in the appropriate year basket outside the tuckshop when they arrive at school. (Please do not staple brown bags together).
  • Our School canteen can only operate if there are enough parent volunteers. If you are available to help out we ask that you contact the school office so that we can place your name on the roster, you will then be notified in the school newsletter or email of your day unless you have a preferred date. Parents unable to meet commitments are asked to arrange a replacement. All new parents volunteering will always be placed with an experienced canteen operator.
  • If you are unable to do a rostered canteen day you will be placed on the roster as a Parent Donator. Parent Donators are asked to make a donation such as cake, slice or jelly cups – you need to cater for 20 children as donations have become quite popular with the children, these donations are sold for $1.00. All donations must be labelled with ingredients.